The Benefits of Braces For Adults

In the past two decades, there has been a dramatic increase in the numbers of adults who decide to get braces. Orthodontists report that half their patients are adults. Adults get braces for various reasons – they may decide to finally get that smile they have always wanted, because their teeth have become unaligned over time, or because they finally have the financial resources to make a considerable investment in their teeth.

Though we usually think of children when we think about braces, but braces for adults may actually work better. Children who get braces may not follow directions as well; they may not avoid sugary foods and candy, or they may not be very attentive when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.  Adults, however, are usually more conscious of the detrimental effects of certain foods and neglect because they are paying for the braces and because they have made the decision to improve their smile.

Ask any adult who wore braces as a kid and they will shudder from the memory. Braces have come a long way. They have gotten stronger yet smaller, thinner wire is used, and less of the tooth is covered – they have become nearly invisible. The days when wearing braces meant you had a mouth full of metal are long gone.

Getting braces and straightening your teeth does more than give you a great smile; there are also health benefits to aligning your teeth. With teeth that are misaligned or in cross bite, there is a greater chance that food will get trapped between teeth, increased risk of plaque build up, and a greater potential for periodontal and gum disease. Correcting your teeth with braces is not only aesthetically rewarding, it is also good for your health.

A critical component of getting braces is the retainer. If you do not wear your retainer after the removal of your braces for the specified period of time, your orthodontic work may not hold and you may need another set of braces in a few years. One of the best solutions for maintaining the proper alignment is to get a permanent retainer. An orthodontist can apply a slim bar behind the bottom teeth to keep them aligned.

Braces are truly an investment in yourself. They not only boost self-esteem, but they are also good for your health. It is never too late to improve your smile and get braces. Braces for adults can be a life changing procedure. Contact Chula Vista Braces today to schedule a consultation at (619) 420-5811. 


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